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How we started
Although the ocarina is an ancient instrument, being perhaps the oldest known flute in the world, it was the music of Nancy Rumbel and Eric Tingstad that first introduced Tom and Cynthia Smith to the magical sound of the ocarina. Cynthia being a wood-wind player, became enchanted with them and wanted to have a wooden double ocarina to play for herself. Nancy plays several created by Alan Albright. By the time they came upon them, Alan was no longer making these beautiful instruments. They tried others of wood and clay by artisans from North and South America, China to Russia, but none had the appeal as the ones by Alan. After years of searching and questioning woodworkers, Tom purchased tools and tried to figure out how to reproduce them. Nearly successful, they jubilantly wrote to Nancy and then to Alan to discuss it with them. Alan sent his blessing to them to continue the work and has spent many hours tutoring them on the fine points of woodworking and instrument design. The high point of this tutelage came about the spring of 2001 when Alan and Nancy spent a week with them in The Woodworkers Dream workshop with expert woodworker John Hartvigson, giving them invaluable experience and guidance. John has since joined the Smith's in making these wooden double ocarina's once again available. It has been a wonderful journey of enlightenment for them. They hope that you find many hours of enjoyment from these most carefully handcrafted instruments. Each is truly unique. Contact Information

The North Country Workshop
The North Country Workshop offers a variety of products that interest the Smith's, such as Bear Tracks and Perimeter alarms for safer camps. The North Country Workshop

The Woodworker's Dream
To learn more about master woodworker John Hartvigson visit his website. Woodworker's Dream

Tingstad and Rumbel
To learn more of Nancy Rumbel and Eric Tingstad, their tour schedule, discography, and to hear the ocarina played like you've never heard it before, visit their website. Tingstad and Rumbel