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Sounds of the Ocarina
Ocarina Music
American Acoustic
Disc 1
1. Shenandoah
2. Alligator Alley
3. Give and Take
4. Shadow Dancer
5. Oaks
6. Johnny Appleseed
7. Gigue
8. Secrets of the Big Sky
9. The Eyes of Amelia
10. Don Juan
11. The Merced
Disc 2
1. The Children's Garden
2. Clancy's Heart
3. Aria
4. Jewels in the Crown
5. Sacajawea
6. Appalachia Calling
7. Danza Mora
8. Peru
9. Prairie Lullaby
10. Medicine Tree
11. Coyote Dance
12. La Fogata

This album, perhaps more than any other in Eric Tingstad and Nancy Rumbel's career, demonstrates the magic of live performance. Onstage, the range and depth of their compositions is all the more amazing in that it originates from the two of them alone. Their skillful combination of a single guitar and solo oboe--or ocarina-- produces music that is both intimate and grand in scope.

The Musicians

Eric Tingstad: Breedlove steel-string guitar, Ramirez classical, Traphegan classical
Nancy Rumbel: Oboe, English horn, double alto and tenor ocarinas

Mark Ivester: percussion, La Fogata, Peru, Danza Mora, Alligator Alley
David Lanz: piano and synthesizers, Don Juan, The Eyes of Amelia, Shadow Dancer
Gary Shelton: bass, The Merced, Appalachia Calling
Ben Smith: percussion, Appalachia Calling
Neal Speer: drums, Medicine Tree
Nick Moore: piano, The Merced
Luis Peralta: percussion, Medicine Tree, Shenandoah, The Merced, Sacajawea
James Reynolds: synthesizer programming and computer sequencing
Steve Allen: string bass, Don Juan
Ed Hartman: marimba, Shenandoah, Sacajawea
Tom Walsh: percussions, Clancy's Heart
Mark Gasborro: piano and synth bass, Clancy's Heart

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