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Name: Nancy Rumbel HomePage: Comments: You're going to LOVE these instruments! Don't miss out!!!! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Name: Chul-Hee Park Where are you from: South Korea Comments: What a great news! Congratulations! Hope your constant improvement.

Chul-Hee Park Comments: I recieved 2 days before and I tried recording my play yesterday. The sound is great!!! Yes, it is fastasy itself! I have many kinds of Ocarinas and this is one of the most beautiful and unique sounds. Never miss out as Nancy said.

Name: Jennifer Bundy Where are you from: Seattle Comments: Got hooked on these beautiful instruments from hearing (and watching, with fascination) Nancy Rumbel play them. Can't wait to give it a try myself!

Name: Jan Kaylin Where are you from: Bellevue WA Comments: I love the way Nancy Rumbel plays the ocarina and have decided to try my hand at it. I was an oboe player many years ago and love hearing her play both the oboe and the magical sound of the ocarina. And hers are so beautiful! I look forward to recieving mine!

Name: Cornell Kinderknecht Where are you from: Addison, Texas Comments: These are great instruments. I got one and liked it so much I ordered one of each size. I recently started using the ocarinas in performance. Audience members are fascinated by them. You've got to give the North Country Workshop ocarinas a try. You'll be glad you did.