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My newest favorite thing-"Ocarina Music" by Nancy Rumbel. It is so wonderful to have this beautiful collection of ocarina music played primarily on double ocarinas. Also check out and use OcTabs. Tablature for helping you learn and share double ocarina music. See the button on the left side "OcTabs"-Try it!

We are a small business and often have a waiting list for our ocarinas. If you would like to order, please email at to check availability. You can then pay either using Paypal, Visa, Mastercard or a check. Thanks.
Double Alto Ocarina Double Alto Ocarina
The Double Alto Ocarina is pitched a fourth apart having the approximate key of D on the low side and G on the high side. Each side has 4 holes (3 on top and 1 for the thumb) and plays an octave on each side.
Double Tenor Ocarina Double Tenor Ocarina
This ocarina is in the key of C on the high side and G on the low side. It has a rich tone and is made of the same quality hardwoods as our alto.
Soprano Ocarina Double Soprano Ocarina
Our soprano sings like a bird. It is in the approximate key of g and c, some compare to the sound of a piccolo.
  Double Wooden Ocarina's
Beautifully handcrafted double ocarinas are not just nice to look at, but wonderful to play and listen to. Click on About Ocarina's to learn more about these great instruments! Click on The North Country Workshop to learn more about how our instrument making all began, from Alan Albright to Tingstad and Rumbel our inspiration.


  Also Available

Introductory Book for The Double Ocarina by The North Country Workshop
A booklet to get you started with your double ocarina. The price includes S& H.
$ 7.00
Ocarina Music
A Collection of 18 favorite songs by Nancy Rumbel-a Grammy winning artist!
$ 20.00