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Bear Tracks and Camp Perimeter Alarms
Here are some other items offered by The North Country Workshop.
Bear Tracks
Large Brown Bear Track on Wood Large Bear Track
Large Kodiak Brown Bear Track on Basswood round. A great addition to any trophy room and cabin. Email us at to order now for the bear enthusiast you know! $75
We also offer the large male track without wood for $55, a female track on wood for $65, and female without wood for $45and cub tracks for $25. Email us for more info.
Camp Perimeter Alarms
Features of the Bear Aware Safety Alarm System: This product will warn you of a bear, or other intruder, which has entered a perimeter you have established around your camp. It is easily deployed, lightweight, portable, runs on a 9 volt battery, and is expandable. System highlights include: 1. Easy to set up- This system can be quickly and easily set up by one person in a matter of minutes, yet will provide hours of restful sleep or relaxation, knowing that nothing can approach you unnoticed and unannounced. 2. Expandable-The basic system comes with a small buzzer but can have considerably louder alarms added. 3. Dependable, sophisticated electronics- This unit has been custom built by a well established manufacturer of high quality electronics products. This Bear Aware Safety Alarm System has 2 independent channels with light emitting diodes that indicate which channel has been activated. Additionally, a timer circuit will automatically turn the alarm off after 5 minutes to save your batteries in the event you are not around to do so yourself. Prices start at $100 for the system. Contact us for more information.