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AKHA Women's Hostel AKHA Women's Foundation
O.K., what does this have to do with ocarinas you ask. I usually include carrying bags for my ocarinas that my mother buys in Thailand while she is there volunteering for a non profit organization to help the AKHA village people. My mom, Winnie Cain heads the project in the US. She teaches Thai Massage and often takes her students on tours to Thailand to help support the project. They are currently working on helping the people to become more self-reliant, better educated and healthier. It's a great cause and so, here is the link.
Yahoo Clubs
There are at least three ocarina clubs on the Yahoo site. There are Ocarinaclub, theocarinaclub and ocarinawinds.
Austrian Ocarina Workshop
Super Ocarina Band Super Ocarina Band "The Goose"
Here is a Japanese ocarina ensemble. They are wonderful!
Experimental Musical Instruments
A great resource for making a variety of instruments.
Mr. Hayakawa's Site
Mr. Hayakawa's site is offered in Japanese and English. He has much to share about ocarina making with a nice set of photos.
Cantare Ocarinas
I have heard many great things about this maker of ocarinas!
How to Make a Clay Whistle
Here is a great beginner site to making your own ocarinas by Dwight U. Bartholomew.
Whistle Making Sequence
Another site for a start on making clay ocarinas by Chris Henley.
Ka Ehu Kai Band Hawaiian Musicians
The talented musicians of Ka Ehu Kai are located out of San Lorenzo, California. They play double ocarina-listen to "Ohana" for a sample.