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Here are some links to ocarina musicians, music and other makers.
Here are some great sites to visit. We'll keep adding sites, so come back again and see what's new.
Nancy Rumbel and Eric Tingstad-25th Anniversary of performing together! Tingstad and Rumbel
The music of Eric Tingstad and Nancy Rumbel were the inspiration in remaking these wonderful ocarinas. Click here to visit their site and hear the ocarina as you've never heard it before! On search Tingstad and Rumbel and you can see and hear them playing our ocarinas! is Nancy playing our alto ocarina in "Give and Take". Here she plays our tenor and also the oboe, back and forth between them. It is mesmerizing. Also visit for more info on Nancy and her "Ocarina Music" CD!!!
Clayzeness Whistleworks
This is a great site for clay ocarinas and lots of very interesting links.
Master Woodworker
This is John Hartvigson's site. He is the woodworker we work with to create our wooden double ocarinas.
Lark In The Morning
This site is an on-line music store that carries several varieties of ocarinas and has music available as well.
Kelischek Workshop
Historical instruments and ocarina tune books.
This is a very interesting site for outdoor survival skills and also interestingly, ocarinas!
Giorgio Pacchioni
Ocarinas and sheet music
Charlie Hind Ocarinas
Charlie Hind has a very interesting site with many of his own inventions and his Black Walnut wooden ocarinas.

Ocarina Workshop
This company has an assortment of ceramic single and double ocarinas as well as a variety of songbooks, tapes and cd's. Click on More Links if you want to see some more...