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This page a work in progress. I hope to show photos of the woods we use to make our ocarinas, the ocarina makers and players. If you would like to be included, send your photo or e-mail a gif or jpg file of yourself playing or holding one of our ocarinas along with any helpful hints, comments, favorite tunes to play, etc. and we'll post them. We are hoping to get some sound clips added as well.
Four ocarinas Here is a view of four of our ocarinas-the soprano, alto, tenor and baritone. The baritone is now in production as a special order item. E-mail if you would like more info on it.
This is me, Cynthia, playing one of our tenor double ocarinas. This is me, Cynthia, playing one of our tenor double ocarinas.
We work with a variety of woods.
John Hartvigson Here's John Hartvigson in his workshop with a Baritone.


The back of a tenor ocarina As you can see in most of our photos there are two separate chambers and each side has three finger holes on the front. This photo is to show you the back side with a thumb hole for each chamber. You can also see the letters that describe the keys that the chambers are tuned to.