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In order to not have 100 pages of links using the previous format, I am changing over to a new format.
Here are some more links to ocarina makers, players, ocarina making sites and the like. I will eventually phase out the other 2 links pages that I have and put them here, but for now you'll still have to check out all three pages for all the links. Have Fun Browsing and send along other sites you'ld like to see posted. This is a site by Texas artist Theresa Bayer. She makes beautiful ceramic ocarinas and has music available too. This is a site called "Ocarina Construction Process" by Harding Middle School. They have a video available too!

Mountain Ocarinas Maker of single wooden ocarinas. Has music books available and fun sound samples to listen to.

Cornell Kinderknecht This site takes you to a musician's site of wonderful music playing a variety of flutes and our very own double alto ocarina! He has recently recorded a cd entitled "Returning Home" with our ocarina on track #4 Generations. The “Ocarina Classica” Trio consists of musicians who have devoted themselves to searching for and performing music repertoires that have hitherto been unjustly neglected. They aim to find pieces of music suitable for dancing and entertainment, especially fashionable in Europe at the end of the 19th and the beginning of 20th centuries. The ocarina pieces of music played at their concerts is the result of detailed research in the most prestigious libraries in Italy, the U.S.A., Germany, Austria, Argentina which were composed by famous composers for ocarina such as Cesare Avati, Alberto Mezzetti, Alfredo Barattoni, Mosè Tapiero, Giorgio Pacchioni I just found out that they have a free program that you can use to compose ocarina music. Have fun! I am hoping to develop a program like that for our ocarinas as well. In the meantime, check out our ocarina graphics page and see the blank ocarina tab sheet that you can print off and use for writing out your music.

Paolo Gavelli, a brilliant musician has these sites to share with you his talents: and