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NCW Family of Ocarinas Wooden Ocarinas
Each instrument varies slightly but is tuned to itself. This handcrafted hardwood instrument is pitched a fourth apart. It can be played on one side, or the other or together, playing melody and harmony to create a very impressive voice. Each side has four holes, 3 on top and 1 for the thumb, and has a range of one octave. The woods will vary depending on availability and as this is handcrafted the general shape will remain the same but there may be variations. We will include information on the type of wood your ocarina is made from. Each instrument is individually tuned, shaped and finished for an exquisite ocarina with a clear and resonate sound.
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Here are the ocarinas we have available currently. Double Baritone and single ocarinas under development.
Double Tenor Ocarina
Double Soprano Ocarina
Double Alto Ocarina